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Dealmaker Properties: Your Solution to Selling Your House Fast in Harrisburg, PA

Are you a homeowner in Harrisburg, PA, who is desperately searching for a way to sell your house fast? Look no further than Dealmaker Properties, a company dedicated to helping homeowners just like you. We buy houses all over Central Pennsylvania and are ready to assist you in selling your home quickly and hassle-free. With our cash offers and flexible closing dates, we can ensure a smooth and efficient selling process that meets your needs.

We Buy Houses In Harrisburg

One of the most significant advantages of working with Dealmaker Properties is that we buy houses in any condition. If your house needs some work and you don't have the time or resources to fix it up, give us a call today. We specialize in purchasing properties that require rehabilitation, so you don't have to worry about spending money on repairs or renovations. Our first-class team is not intimidated by houses that need some tender loving care. We have the expertise and resources to handle any property, regardless of its condition.

Furthermore, if you find yourself behind on mortgage payments and struggling to keep up, Dealmaker Properties can provide the assistance you need. Don't let the stress of foreclosure weigh you down. Give us a call today, and we will help you navigate this challenging situation. We understand the financial difficulties that can arise and are here to help you find a viable solution. Our goal is to provide you with options that don't involve listing your house on the market, saving you time, money, and potential frustration.

At Dealmaker Properties, we pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients. If we are unable to assist you with your specific situation, we will be the first to let you know. However, we won't leave you hanging. We can provide recommendations and connect you with resources that can help you find the support you need. Our focus is on helping you solve your property issues, whether it's through our services or guiding you towards alternative solutions.

Pennsylvania Harrisburg We Buy Houses

When it comes to selling your house, time is often of the essence. Dealmaker Properties understands this urgency and is here to provide you with a fast and efficient solution. Our streamlined process ensures that you can sell your house quickly and receive a fair cash offer. We eliminate the need for lengthy negotiations or waiting for potential buyers to secure financing. With Dealmaker Properties, you can sell your house fast and move on to the next chapter of your life without delay.

Selling your house to Dealmaker Properties also means avoiding the common frustrations that come with traditional real estate transactions. Listing your house on the market can be a time-consuming and uncertain process. You have to deal with open houses, showings, and endless paperwork. However, with Dealmaker Properties, you can bypass all these headaches. We simplify the process, allowing you to sell your house on your terms and without the added stress.

If you're wondering how to sell your house quickly, the answer is simple: Dealmaker Properties. We understand the challenges homeowners face when trying to sell their homes, and we are here to offer a straightforward and convenient solution. Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. We prioritize transparency and will answer any questions you may have along the way.

We Buy Houses Near Me

When you choose Dealmaker Properties, you can rest assured that you are working with a reputable and reliable company. We have a proven track record of helping homeowners in Harrisburg, PA, and throughout Central Pennsylvania. Our satisfied clients attest to our professionalism, integrity, and dedication to achieving their goals. Selling your house is a significant decision, and we want to make sure you feel confident in choosing Dealmaker Properties as your partner in this journey.

In conclusion, if you are searching for a way to sell your house fast in Harrisburg, PA, Dealmaker Properties is your solution. We buy houses all over Central Pennsylvania and are ready to assist you in selling your home quickly and efficiently. Whether your house needs extensive repairs or you're facing financial difficulties, we have the expertise and resources to help. Don't waste any more time, give us a call today, and let us help you solve your property issues.

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2225 Sycamore St #980, Harrisburg, PA 17111

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Sell Your House Fast In Harrisburg PA

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Our 3 Step Process

Step 1


Submit your house on this page to open up the conversation with our team about your home

Step 2


We analyze your property and put together a fair, all cash offer with the intention to make it a win/win

Step 3


If you choose to accept our offer, then you select a closing date and at closing you get paid right away

We Buy Houses In Harrisburg PA - No Matter The Situation

If you are going through a divorce, tired of being a landlord, or facing foreclosure, let us make the process less stressful. Dealmaker Properties offers honest and transparent services – there’s no commission to pay with our 100% free service! We will provide an offer regardless but we also want what is best for you so if another method provides more benefit we’ll be sure to inform you regarding that too. Find out how it works easily at the link below so you can take charge of your situation today! We purchase homes in the greater Harrisburg area and surrounding cities as well. If you aren’t ready to part ways with your home, we may be able to help you keep it as well. You seriously have nothing to lose by contacting us today.

Buying Houses Is What We Do Best

Selling your house comes down to multiple variables and our team are experts at collecting the data we need, putting together an offer that makes the most sense for you, and executing on whatever we agree upon.

Need to sell your house fast with no hassle? Dealmaker Properties may be the answer you’ve been looking for! We understand that selling a home isn’t always easy, and we’re here to provide honest advice every step of the way. Our team can help get you a cash offer right away – but if it doesn’t make sense for what you need, don’t worry —we’ll present other options so that together we can find an ideal solution tailored just for you. Let us support your journey in finding freedom from any inconveniences associated with home sales on the MLS – let’s get started today!

We buy houses in Harrisburg and we have done it hundreds of times so we usually begin the process over the phone. Once we get the information we need, our team begins to analyze your property to see how we can best help you. You may want to sell for cash and close quickly or you may be looking to get more money that a cash sale will allow and we can help you out in multiple ways. Sometimes selling in a creative way is what it takes to put the most money in your pocket so ask us about the different ways we can purchase Harrisburg properties.

You Choose Your Closing Date

You can literally get your home sold in less than 30 days working with Dealmaker Properties. If you need more time, just let us know when we discuss the details because you can choose the date of your choice for the deed to switch names.

If we can’t help you with your property, we will not only be up front with you and let you know but we will also help you with some recommendations on how you can solve your problem. Sometimes we will even recommend you sell it in a different way so you can put more money in your pocket for yourself and your family.

See How We Compare

Traditional Real Estate Dealmaker Properties
Repair Costs
Closing Costs
Ave Days to Close
45-60 Days
7-30 Days
# of Showings
Net Offer

As-Is Cash Offer vs Listing Your Property

If you’d like to save the usual 6% in seller commissions you normally pay realtors, you might want to listen to an offer from our team. You won’t have to make any repairs, throw anything out, or even show your property to a bunch of people.

We will also cover your closing costs, which usually cost 2% of the price you sell your home for. Our team closes deals between 7 and 30 days while the listing with an agent usually takes 45 to 60 days to close. 

We Buy Houses Harrisburg PA

We Buy Houses Harrisburg PA

Why Sell Your Home To Us?

Receive An Offer Within 24 Hours

Get an offer within 24 hours without us even having to come to your home most of the time. We are very transparent and explain everything as well.

Make No Repairs, We Buy As Is

You can literally walk away from your home without fixing anything. We also look at the potential of your home when making our offer.

We Pay Your Closing Costs

We take care of your closing costs for you. Nobody wants to pay all those extra costs to sell their home so let us pay them for you.

No Realtors, No Fees, No Commissions

We are not real estate agents or brokers so there are no realtor fees you have to pay when we buy your home. That usually saves you thousands of dollars right away.

No Need To Clean Anything

Who wants to clean up their entire home to list it? Nobody, that was a trick question. We will take care of the cleaning after we purchase your home.

Already Got An Offer? Let Us Try To Beat It

We are able to make some great offers and our team is confident we can beat any offers you already got. If not, we will try our best to get you more money.

Why We Pay Cash For Harrisburg Houses

We buy houses, condos, and multi-family properties in all locations around the country no matter the conditions of your home! We understand that you may be dealing with a lot right now. Whether it’s divorce proceedings or taxes on an empty property, we’ve got solutions for every situation. We are a team of home buyers that got extremely passionate about helping homeowners across the country through tough situations. Time and money are great motivators for selling a home quickly so we just want to be an option for you. Give us a chance to show you how we can help you get out of the situation you are currently in. Instead of listing your house, here are some of the reasons you might want to avoid listing and sell with Dealmaker Properties. Just give us call at (717) 444-8434 whenever you are ready to discuss selling your home quickly.

+1 717 915 5600

2225 Sycamore St #980, Harrisburg, PA 17111

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